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Pool Update – May 29, 2014

The last 2 weeks have been extremely busy ones.  The board has been running in 5 different directions (literally) and we have had to struggle to maintain control of the pool project while juggling several other HOA related tasks.  On May 28th at about 10:00am, board member Jon Rodman met with representatives of Lennar, Summit Engineering (contracted by Lennar), ECS Geotechnical Engineering (contracted by the Board of Directors), and AMG (contracted by the Board of Directors).

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The purpose of the meeting was simple.  Spot check Lennar’s progress on the pool and get an educated opinion of the progress and plan from our contracted engineer.  AMG representative Danielle Rudisill (our association property manager) was onsite to take notes, further represent the membership, and act as the HOA’s project manager.  With all of the things going on in Almond Glen, the board has asked Danielle to act as the main point of contact regarding the pool construction.  This allows the board members and the membership to have one place to go in order to stay up to date with the project.

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This morning Jon Rodman sent the board the following update regarding his meeting.  I would like to share his thoughts with the membership and thank Jon for taking the time to represent the HOA at the meeting.

Rob Smith
Almond Glen Owners Association
Board of Directors


“Hello Everyone, Yesterdays meeting went really well.  Everyone onsite appears to be working well together.  I am excited about Lennars willingness to  go beyond the original scope.
The next step is to remove material so the deep end will be dug to 23 feet and the kiddie pool is already dug to 11 feet. Once the material is removed they will auger new core samples from the bottom and based on the cores determine the next step.
Another exciting development is that they are not going to build the subgrade with clay but with a stone quarry mixture.  Also it was decided that a drain would be added to the subgrade under the deep end in case water gets in there again.
I am really happy with how things are going onsite.  Marc and JL Thompson also said they are happy with the direction so far.
The engineers have a plan and approximate schedule of tests and checks that everyone indicated they are on board with.  The onsite technician will text Danielle when there are check points or test points so she can get Marc onsite as needed.
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