Behind on dues? Your pool pass may be frozen.

March 21, 2017

Summer is approaching and the pool will soon open. Are you current on your dues?

Please avoid problems accessing the pool this year by contacting Dacy Cavicchia at AMG to verify your dues are current and to correct any delinquencies. This is a busy time of year and you will not be able to call the day of the opening to get your pass turned back on and your delinquent dues paid.

Dacy Cavicchia –
DIRECT LINE – (704) 897-8788


The 2017 Pool Season is Approaching!

March 21, 2017

Summer is on it’s way despite the last minute frosts and winters best efforts. Today I was given the thumbs up by our pool committee (currently still headed up by Jeannine Bell) to look over the final draft of the 2017 pool contract she and her team came up with. Jeannine has been taking care of almost everything “pool” in Almond Glen for 2 years now and I want to express the boards gratitude for her efforts.

Stay tuned for the official opening dates and hours.

– Rob Smith (President AG Board)

NOTE: Your blue keyfob will allow access to the pool during operating hours. Contact the board at if you need assistance with a pool keyfob.

2017 Pool FAQ – Night swimming

This week the South Carolina  department of health & environmental control sent us thier yearly newsletter. One of the common questions I get is apparently a common question SCDHEC gets as well.

Night swimming is not something we allow in Almond Glen and here is an except from the SCDHEC newsletter which explains the strict requirements for night swimming.

“Night Swimming at Public Swimming Pool Facilities is growing in popularity throughout the state. If your facility is considering opening the pool past sunset, there are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind. The Department has a minimum area lighting requirement for pools open past sunset. The Department requires that there be no less than 0.5 watts of incandescent lighting or 8.35 lumens of underwater lighting provided per square foot of pool area. The Department also requires uniform illumination of the pool deck surface with no less than 0.6 watts of incandescent light, or 10 lumens per square foot, or 10 foot candles of intensity. If the pool does not have any underwater lights and would like to be open for night swimming, the Department requires that there be uniform area lighting in the amount of no less than two watts of incandescent light, or 33.5 lumens per square foot of pool area, or 32 foot candles of intensity in addition to the 0.6 watts of incandescent light or 10 foot candles of intensity per square foot of deck area. If your facility is considering putting in lights to allow for night swimming, the Department requires that you submit a Change Order Request Form with the area lighting plan to the Department for review prior to the commencement of any work. The Department will verify that the proposed equipment meets the requirements. For more information on the required pool lighting for night swimming and electrical requirements for lighting, please review pages 34-35 of the SC Public Swimming Pool Regulation 61-51.

2016 Pool Season is over. See you in 2017!

On behalf of all of Almond Glen and the board of directors, I wanted to take a moment to thank Jeannine Bell and her husband Roger (along with their helpers) for all of their efforts this year. The pool season was extended, the grounds maintained, and a lot of minor emergencies handled thanks to their many efforts. Behind the scenes they opened the bathrooms, issued and fixed key fobs, locked and unlocked gates, took phone calls, etc… all so you could swim.

2017 will undoubtably bring new challenges and some more changes. The pool will be closed until Spring of 2017, but I promise you we will have people working behind the scenes to get things ready.

If you are interested in being a part of the team that makes decisions regarding the pool budget, the use of outside vendors, changes and additions to the pool, and helping make the neighborhoods #1 social resource a success in 2017… please email the board today at

Thanks for a great season!


Please review all of the following information and direct questions to either the board ( or contact Dacy Cavicchia (704-897-8788 or

OPENING DATE: May 7, 2016
CLOSING DATE: September 11, 2016.

Members will have access to the pool from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily, seven days a week unless otherwise changed by the Board of Directors. Hours changes will be sent by email blast, e-newsletter (sign up on this site), and posted to this site.

Life Guards: There will be NO Life Guards on duty at any time this season. You will be responsible for your own safety and the safety of your children. This means there will not be a 10 minute break every hour. The pool will remain open unless there is an emergency, pool contamination, chemical problem, shut down (state inspection), or weather related shutdown. Please use common sense when dealing with weather. If you hear thunder, exit the pool.

Maintenance and chemical checks:The pool management company (Aqua Tech) will continue to maintain the pool. The pool management company will supply us an attendant daily to clean the bathrooms, monitor guest sign in and maintain and close the pool deck. The attendant will be present at various hours and for no more than four hours daily.

Camera System: A camera system has been installed. One camera is designated to monitor the entrance to the pool and will record everyone who enters. The other cameras will monitor the entire pool deck. These safety features were installed this winter and are currently operational. The video is maintained for short periods of time and can be reviewed by a board member or their representative if needed. The video will remain the property of the association and will not be released to outside parties unless it is in co-operation with law enforcement, etc. The camera system is fixed and can not zoom or pan.

Accessing Pool: The pool can only be accessed with a new key fob system. A secure gate has been installed and will only allow access and exiting to members with an active key fob. The HOA management company (AMG) has the ability to deactivate key fobs for members who are in violation of HOA Rules, delinquent on HOA dues, in violation of pool rules, etc. Pool Rules will be posted at the pool. It is a direct violation of the terms of use and pool rules to allow another member to use your key fob. Fobs are assigned to a household and the member the fob is assigned to is responsible for all guests. Members must accompany guests to the pool.

  • One key fob per household will be issued at no additional cost. Volunteers will attempt to deliver key fobs to homes in the coming week.
  • Additional key fobs can be purchased prior to May 23, 2016 for $15.00 each. Please email if you would like to purchase additional key fobs.
  • Additional key fobs purchased on or after May 24, 2016 will cost $25.00 each.
  • Lost key fobs will be deactivated by the management company and replacement key fobs can be purchased for $25.00. Please report lost key fobs promptly so we may deactivate them.
  • NEW HOMEOWNERS – Key fobs purchased by the previous owner can be activated by contacting the HOA management company or emailing the board of directors. (If the fobs are still operational and the system is still compatible with the fob) One key fob will be activated free of charge. Additional previously owned key fobs may be activated at a cost of $15.00 per fob. Key fobs may not be transferred from one household to another. 

2016 Pool Season

Almond Glen Membership

For months (no exaggeration) several community members, led by Jeannine Bell of Southern Bell Reality and a neighbor here in Almond Glen, have been working to get the pool ready for the 2016 pool season. This year the board of directors voted to allow Jeannine and her team of neighbors the freedom to not only make recommendations… But to actually take control of the decisions and implement them with minimal oversight. While the ultimate decisions rest with the board, we wanted to involve more neighbors in the process.

In the coming weeks you will get a letter with pool hours, changes in the times and operation, information on gaining access to the pool, and more. Please keep an eye out for info. We will try to mail out a letter, send an email blast, update the website, post on Facebook and post on Nextdoor.

2015 Pool Season Info

April 15, 2015 – Spring is here and the weather is slowly getting warmer and warmer. I have no doubt many of you are looking at the brand new pool and thinking about a summer of swimming, cookouts, and enjoying the company of your neighbors. I am pleased to report back to the neighborhood that things are progressing towards an opening date of May 16th. The pool will open the weekend of the 16th for Saturday and Sunday, then close for the week and open full time starting Memorial Day Weekend. I look forward to seeing many of you poolside this year and hope those of you who I have not met in person will say hello.

POOL HOURS for the 2015 Season:

May 16th – 10am-8pm
May 17th – 10am-8pm
May 18th – May 22nd – CLOSED

Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day Weekend

Monday – Saturday – 10am-8pm
Sunday – 10am – 8pm


In the past we haven’t opened the pool until 4pm on the weekdays when school was still in session. This year, at the request of members of the community, we are working with Aquatech to open the pool full time starting Memorial Day Weekend.

Those interested in swim lessons can visit Aquatech’s website for info:

The 2014-2015 board of directors have only about 3 ½ months until the July annual meeting and board member elections. Our bylaws state the board will form a nominating committee before the elections to formally nominate members of the association to run for the board of directors. In 2014 I called for the board of directors to serve as the nominating committee, announcing the nominating committee would vote to nominate anyone who requested an opportunity to run. That will again be the case in 2015. I would encourage anyone who wants to run for a board position to begin discussing your intentions with your family and friends now. As in the past I will make this website available to those who would like to announce their candidacy. We will begin announcing nominations in the near future. More information will be sent out via US Mail, email, facebook, nextdoor and this website.

I want to personally thank everyone who trusted and supported the board as we worked through the pool project of 2013-2015. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours, the number of meetings, the phone calls, and the sleepless nights that went into this project. Amidst all of the efforts we were putting into the project there were those who chose to attack us, called for mistrust, blamed us, and even threatened us with legal action. It was at times a true battle on several fronts. I was extremely grateful for the support, kind words, emails, and pep talks I received from many of you. The negotiations with Lennar were often delicate and required more secrecy than I prefer (as anyone who knows me well can attest I like to tell people exactly what’s happening in excruciating detail) and nearly caused me to walk away from the association multiple times. I can truly say I would not have been able to complete the project without the support of my wife, daughter, friends, and grateful neighbors.

May 16th, 2015 at 10:00am will be a moment of great triumph for the members of 2 boards of directors and me personally. It will be, I hope, the end of a very long and trying time here in Almond Glen.

I can promise you I am praying for a very warm summer filled with light rain at night and sunny blue skies during the day.

Rob Smith
Almond Glen Owners Association, INC
Member, Board of Directors
2013 – 2015 President

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