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2020 Pool Information

2020 Pool Information

Pool Season Opening Date: May 18tb DUE TO COVID DELAY
Pool Season Closing Date: September 20th, 2020

7AM – 8AM – Exercise Only

8AM – DUSK – Regular Swim

POOL ATTENDANTS: Pool attendants will be on hand beginning Monday, May 25, 2020. 

Attendants will work from 3:30PM until Closing Monday – Sunday through Labor Day

– Monitoring the gate to assist members with fob access
– Checking water chemistry and maintaining a log book hourly
– Vacuuming the pool
– Cleaning tiles around the pool edge
– Basic cleanup of the pool deck and furniture
– Emptying Trash and moving cans to the street and back
– Cleaning the bathrooms and stocking supplies
– Enforcement of posted rules (signs and rules & regs book)
– Monitoring the immediate area around the pool
– Assisting with emergencies

(Attendants are NOT lifeguards). The Pool is a SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK FACILITY

POOL FOB BASICS: Access to the pool area is controlled by an automated gate access system. Each household has been issued a “fob” which will open the gate. Please scan your fob when you enter the pool in order to keep a complete record of activity at the pool. The gate records help us determine how popular the pool is at different time of the season. Please do not open the gate for others. Opening the gate for someone may place you are risk of assuming responsibility for those you allow into the pool.

LOST, DAMAGED or NON-FUNCTIONAL POOL FOBS: Additional or Replacement fobs may be purchased for $20 each. The money is placed into the general fund via a “petty cash” fund. The board of directors have access to a limited number of extra fobs. Please contact the board if you need an extra or additional pool fob.

SWIM LESSONS: The Almond Glen Owners Association, Inc does not allow unauthorized vendors access to the pool for the purpose of teaching swim lessons.

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