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Community Letter reference the pool opening – May 2020

Good afternoon Almond Glen Residents,

       After much discussion, the Board has decided to move forward with the pool opening on May 18th. The hours of operation will remain the same, 8am to Dusk. 

       The Pool Management Company, Carolina Pool, is our new provider. Due to the shutdown, they are delayed with training their staff so we will be without an attendant the first week. They are trying to train the employees as quickly and safely as possible. While it is their job to maintain the water chemistry and clean the bathrooms (additional wiping down will occur throughout the day), they will not be enforcing social distancing. It will be up to every individual in Almond Glen to adhere to those guidelines. 

      The pool company has been instructed to set out about 50% of the furniture. There will be an area on the pool deck that will not have any furniture so residents can bring in their own chairs. The loungers and chairs will not be sanitized. You will need to bring your own sanitizer if you would like to wipe down the furniture. 

      DHEC, Department of Health & Environmental Control, has recommended no more than 41 (including the attendant) people visit the pool under our current restrictions (As of May 18, 2020). Please be mindful of this while you are enjoying the pool. Please also be considerate and limit the amount of time you are using the pool. Think of it like a restaurant reservation, an hour and half is sufficient time to enjoy your dinner. 

     If you have extra hand sanitizer or cleaning items you would like to donate to the community for use at the pool, please place them on the table near the pool house. Please do not take cleaning products and hand sanitizer from the pool to use in your home. 

      Please see the list of Requirements that must be followed in order to use the facility. There will be multiple signs at the pool as well.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Requirements

o Stay home if you are sick.

o Practice social distancing of at least six feet distance to the greatest extent possible. 

o Wash hands frequently (20 seconds with soap and water or use of a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol). 

o Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects. 

o Avoid touching of eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 

o Strongly consider wearing a cloth face covering when in public and not in the pool (do not use on children under two years old, people with difficulty breathing, or people who cannot remove the mask themselves). 

o Cover mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and throw used tissues away immediately after use. 

o Avoid using other peoples’ phones, towels, cups or other items or disinfect them before and after use. 

o Minimize the use of soft surfaces like cloth covered chairs that are more difficult to clean or disinfect.

Failure to comply with the requirements may result in the closure of the Amenity.

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