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Pool Update – May 22, 2014

Pool Update – May 22, 2014

Photo – Spencer Kelley

Last week you might have noticed some sudden activity at the pool. Specifically the contractors showed up to remove a section of fencing and then lay out a construction entrance for the pool tear out and rebuild.  This was a surprise to everyone, even them. The construction entrance was done on short notice because of the rain the area received. The contractors decided to move from another project they had going on and instead work on ours.

Today the real work begins. Over the next few weeks JL Thompson and his crew will remove some 20 truckloads of concrete, rebar, dirt, etc from the pool. The plan is to completely tear out the entire pool (not the pool house or pump) and then fill in the big hole with dirt (a little at a time) until the whole thing is level ground again. Next the ground will be allowed to settle for about 30 days. Once the geotechnical engineers say the ground is ready… A new hole will be dug for the new pool.

Timeframe… About 90 days. (Give or take)

Photo – Spencer Kelley

I know there has been some frustration as we have gone through this process. The board of directors have met time and time again and invested more hours than we care to think about to this project (I’m on vacation right now while monitoring the start up). The fact of the matter is we were elected to handle these situations… and as I have said in the past… we take that responsibility VERY seriously.

It’s important to remember that your elected board will sometimes be forced to operate behind a “thin” veil of secrecy when legal matters are involved. You should not only know this will happen… You should expect it. Fortunately Lennar was always willing to work with Almond Glen to fix this problem…. But it was important that we, the board, remain tight lipped while we negotiated the scope of the work and the actual monetary investment on the part of the HOA. We have lawyers, management professionals, business leaders, and neighbors with helpful knowledge which the board can lean on for support.

That said, the “veil of secrecy” must remain paper thin. When we can release info… we will.

Now that we are seeing demo work begin we can pull back the veil a little more and officially state that Lennar has taken on the cost associated with the tear out and rebuild of the pool. We have nothing really new to say… Only progress to point to as evidence of the hard work put in on all sides of this project. Anyone with business experience and construction knowledge knows the amount of work that has to go on behind the scenes before the contractors can break ground.

My thanks to Lennar and my fellow members of the board.

Rob Smith
Almond Glen Board of Directors

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