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Current Financial “Snapshot”

On December 2nd, 2014 I reported our HOAs basic financial state.

Foreclosures and delinquent accounts are bad for the HOA, bad for property values, and bad for families.

Quarterly payments are coming due July 1st (Single Family Homes) and we are still waiting for some June payments from the Townhomes.

As of May 31, 2014:

14% of the membership is behind by at least one (1) payment of either $140.40 (Single Family Quarterly) or $130.80 (Townhome Monthly. (Up from 8.5%)

5% of the membership is behind by at least two (2) payments.  
(Up from 2%)

Currently the unpaid delinquencies total about $16,749.08
 (Up from $8895.39)

I know there are many people who still do not realize we have a new management company.  Please ensure your payments are going to the right place.  Everyone was sent a welcome letter with login information for the management company website.  Please login and check you balance to ensure you are paid up.  11 members are behind by less than $100.  6 members owe LESS THAN $1.  This is likely just an oversight and we would like to clear up these accounts.  Please check your HOA balance and compare it to your bank records asap.

If you have questions about your account, please contact Danielle Rudisill (AMG), Brigida (Treasurer), or Rob (President).

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