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Pool Update – Aug 06, 2014

Pool Update – Wed, Aug 06, 2014

I queried Lennar last week and asked Danielle (AMG) to contact JL Thompson regarding the pool timeline. The following is information obtained by Danielle:
JL Thompson advised that they will have someone there tomorrow to stake it out.

“Construction is scheduled to begin Monday.

Digging out the pool- 3 days
Install the plumbing- 3-4 days
Install the steel rebar- 7 days
Pour the concrete- 3 days
Pour the floor- 7 days
Install additional rebar- 3 days
Concrete on the walls- 3 days
Install the tile (waterline)- 7 days
Install plumbing to equipment room- 7 days
Shape, grading for deck- 14 days
Install racing lanes- 3 days
Plaster the pool- 2-3 days
Filling the pool- 3-4 days

Construction will take approximately 6 weeks for completion, weather pending.
This will also depend on inspections that have to be performed throughout the process and assuming they don’t run into any additional issues.”
This matches up with information provided by my Lennar contact… So it should be accurate enough to pass on.

Please keep in mind the possibility of weather related delays. The extra rain we have experienced has caused delays on other job sites which has further delayed our pool.

Rob Smith

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