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What is a Board Meeting

What is a board meeting?

Q. When are the board meetings?

Update as of September 2017 –

A. The board of directors meet every other month starting in January on the 2nd Monday of the month. i.e. January, March, May, July, September, November.

If a meeting is cancelled, the board may make an attempt to reschedule the missed meeting.

A. Some associations have meetings on a regular schedule. Almond Glen Owners Association has a policy of holding meetings on an “as needed” basis. While this makes it more difficult to plan to attend a board meeting… it is more productive. The board members typically discuss their individual schedules and agree on a meeting date when there are issues which need to be addressed in person. Its common for the board to meet once a month, but not a requirement. Often the board will come together with just 5 days notice due to personal conflicts.

Q. What happens in a board meeting?

A. Board members meet to discuss association business, cast votes, meet with other volunteers, meet with vendors, and give direction to the officers of the association.

Q. Who participates in a board meeting?

A. Generally the board members are the only active participants. Members can attend a board meeting and observe. If the board must enter into “Executive Session”, non-board members may be asked to leave the meeting. Typically the board will hold “Executive Session” business until the end of a meeting so members can observe as much of the meeting as possible.

Q. Where are the meetings?

Updated September 2017 –

A. Board meetings are generally held at a rented meeting hall.

A. In most cases the board will hold meetings at a board members home. In some cases the board will meet at the office of the management company in the boardroom. If there is strong interest from the membership in a particular board meeting, the board may rent a venue to accommodate larger gatherings.

Q. I want to formally address the board. Can I come to a board meeting and be heard?

A. If someone would like to speak at a board meeting, they need to be listed on the agenda. Generally, the agenda is drafted several days before a meeting. Planned, timed agendas help keep the meetings moving along with minimal distractions. Contact the associations management company and advise the manager you would like to speak to the board during and upcoming meeting. The board will need to know the topic, how much time you would like to be allowed to speak, and any audio visual requirements (i.e. A projector, laptop, and sound). The community manager will pass your request on to the board president, who will then ask the association secretary to add you to an agenda. On the day of the meeting you will be given your time to speak and the meeting minutes will reflect your participation as well as any handouts or other relevant information.

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