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New Almond Glen 2020 Literary Magazine: Submissions Now Open

First post of the Almond Glen Literary Magazine! New things to be excited about everyone, the literary magazine will have short stories, poetry, and art work that our community will collaborate together via submission to my college email (lamprechth2@winthrop.edu) . Upon submission your submissions will be compiled into a word document where I will be placing them in random order whether your an unknown author or known. I too will be submitting a piece for the literary magazine as well.  Below I have the rules and how to participate along with some prompts. I will post up some short story and poetry examples tomorrow for some inspiration and ideas of length. Submissions will be due by November 1st. Feel free to email me or message me on Facebook if you have any questions about the literary magazine. Also, a big thank you goes out to Robert Smith for giving the AGLM a space on the Almond Glen HOA website. Let’s have some fun and make this happen everyone!

Almond Glen Literary Magazine 2020

Rules and How to Participate:

  • This Literary Magazine was inspired by a project from my creative writing theory class, so no politics or anything about covid19. However, I do not want to silence your voices either, so I am giving you free range to express yourselves if you keep it respectful.


  • If you want to have pictures with your submissions that is fine as well. Just remember to respectful with them as well along with your creative writing.


  • Submitting your works:


  • You are allowed up to two submissions and one picture per submission.
  • You can keep your identity a secret by being unknown or have a silly pen name ex: Silly String or Fluffy, just be respectful with them.
  • Poetry (1-2 pages) Option A
  • Short stories (1-3 pages) Option B
  • You submit via email to lamprechth2@winthrop.edu. That way only I will know your identity. Subject your emails with : Almond Glen Submission 2020
  • Children can submit too.


  • All submissions are due by November 1st the latest.
  • The literary magazine will be posted specifically to the Almond Glen Facebook private community group by November 10th. The only other person that will be seeing it is my professor of my creative writing class.
  • Remember to have fun with writing

Tips and Prompts:

Some basic tools of the craft

  • Characterization: Build the world to your character and make it a day that pulls them out of the normal.
  • Tension: What makes today special? What is their motivation for the day? How important is this motivation? This creates the tension in the story by giving your character feelings about this specific day.
  • Details: Show, don’t tell. Show us how your character feels about that day. What do they do? How do they act? When do they do act? What do they like? Where do they live? What exists in their room? What style is that room? What makes it their room?
  • Interiority: What do they imagine? How do they feel about a certain topic? What happens when they don’t talk? How do they feel about this specific day?
  • Point of View: 1st person (I, my, me, they, we) 2nd person (You) 3rd person (He, she, her, him, name of character)
  • Listen: Listen to the sounds of your words and sentences.
  • Verbs: Use active verbs and banish (am, are is, were, was, that, walked, continued, began, started) if you wish for a challenge.


  • Nature, animals, pool, family, holidays, religion, sounds, work, cars, cooking
  • Find something with writing on it if you want to have fun with form, like a business card or a food label and use that form in your lay out
  • Try writing in monosyllables: I will slay the tall tree with my pen




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