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There are two decisions that have to be made by the board within the next few weeks to finalize the 2021 budget.

The budget is completely broken down into TH and SF expenses.

The two decisions will have a massive impact on the assessment amounts and savings requirements going forward for the neighborhood.

Board members have spent hundreds of hours on this. Please educate yourself on current issues and dues as well as other things you want the HOA to fund.

A virtual meeting will be scheduled in the next few days. Please review this video and these documents prior to the meeting if you would like to participate in the discussion.

Thank you.






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4 thoughts on “MAJOR DUES INCREASE- Meeting Coming

  1. I have watched your video and understand the need for the increase for the reserve for future expenses. I do think it is crazy to expect townhomes to cover this in a 1 year or even 2 year split. It needs to be a 3 to 4 year maybe! I am currently paying $160 a month and what I am currently paying for is a joke. My yard looks like crap! The grass is horrible, I have dead/dying bushes, my backyard is a ditch and turns into a river when it rains.

    You cannot expect townhome owners to have a 30 to 50% increase in HOA fees per month, especially during a worldwide pandemic. I do not hear COVID and the current state of things in the world mentioned once during your video and the impact this has had on all families in the community.

    I did not even know where this video was and had to have someone send it to me. It is like you are trying to make dramatic decisions that will negatively impact us behind our backs. Very sad! Not happy!

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t know about the website, newsletter (emails), Facebook page, YouTube channel and nextdoor groups before now. I feel like we made a real effort to share this out prior to a final decision and frankly find it odd we would be so up front and then be accused or doing something behind your back. On the contrary… we have tried to find ways to share the info out… and it appears you are indeed the prima facie evidence needed to show we were successful in our efforts.

  2. I just spent an hour and a half watching the video in the email I received yesterday. According to the video, this was recorded on 10/6/20, and another open meeting was to be held on 10/13/20, which has already passed, as this was just posted for our viewing on 10/25. There is nothing on the Almond Glen website regarding that second meeting, where TH owners were to be invited and a vote was to be taken.
    I have concerns regarding the information presented, and if I’ve somehow missed the opportunity to respond, it is because I did not get the information in time.
    My first concern is that Eric lists the 2020 TH assessment at 150.00, but our assessment was increased to 160.00 on 1/1/20. This error concerns me as it would mean an even greater increase based on the fact that a 52+% is being considered. I for one would not be able to afford that large of an increase of my HOA monthly dues. I like some other TH owners am retired and live on a fixed Social Security income, This would mean that I would have to sell my townhome and find other living arrangements.
    Unfortunately, trying to follow along with Eric and his excel data sheets was difficult because the numbers were small and the headings difficult to read. If this information has been posted someplace else, I cannot find it. If I’ve totally misunderstood the information presented, which I hope is true, please forgive me.
    I’ve only been a resident a year and a half, so this information is very distressing, even though the board leans toward increasing the full 50+% as of Jan. 2021, rather than when new people move in…I am a new person. I would not have even considered Almond Glen if I had known that in less than 2 short years my HOA fees would increase 50+%.
    I wonder just how many TH owners have actually tried to view that lengthy and somewhat confusing video, and suspect it is very few. I also don’t understand why it was just presented to us nearly three weeks after the actual meeting, or why a second meeting is scheduled for 10/13, yet there is no information as to whether that meeting transpired.
    I hope you will consider including TH residents input before making such a critical decision.
    Regarding the costs of landscapers, tree trimmers, trash services, pressure washing and painting, they seem exorbitant considering the service we receive. I don’t want to leave the impression I’m an expert in these fields, but have experienced the services from the receiving end and they have not been excellent. I would be happy to give examples.
    Marilyn Mullett
    9017 Lanark Ln

    1. The $150 was a typo. It did not effect the final numbers. The final numbers are based on the $160.

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