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Archived Article – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Archived Article – Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Acts of kindness here in Almond Glen

With Christmas right around the corner, I have noticed many acts of kindness all around me. Angel Trees, warming shelters, food drives, coat drives, and other forms of giving are fortunately in abundance. Times are hard, and those of us with the ability to help those in a more difficult place seek out ways to help.

Last night I was touched by a very random and yet specific act of kindness here in Almond Glen.  I feel compelled to share the story, but everyone related to the event has either asked to remain anonymous.

A member of the association contacted me and asked if they could donate $100 to the association to help another member who is behind in their HOA dues. The donation was given with the request that I not reveal who they are. Equally, because members do not have access to specific accounts, the person receiving the gift will be left anonymous. The person giving the gift will likely never know who they helped, just that they helped a neighbor.

There are several families here in Almond Glen who have fallen behind with their HOA dues. Choosing a person to gift this money to on behalf of another person is no easy task. I can tell you that the person who is receiving the money is someone who has struggled to keep up with payments, but has recently made great strides to make a payment towards their past dues while paying their current dues.

Many people dismiss the seriousness of missing HOA assessments until it is too late and they are either facing a lien or foreclosure. We have been working hard to give those who are behind the proper guidance and assistance so they can move forward.

To the member who showed such random kindness, Thank You.

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