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July 2017 Board of Directors Elections

This year, as in previous years, I am asking all interested persons to help the membership learn a little about you. Please review this annual message and reply if interested. 


In July of 2017 the Almond Glen Owners Association, INC will hold it’s Annual Meeting of the Membership.  During this meeting the 2016-2017 Board of Directors will step down and the 2017-2018 Board of Directors will be elected.

In an effort to prepare for that election we would like to begin collecting the names of persons interested in running.  The names of persons interested in running for the 2017-2018 board will be listed on the HOA website (www.almondglenhoa.com) so that neighbors can make an informed decision in July.

Interested persons should email the following information to: almondglenhoa@gmail.com so you can be added to the list of candidates.  The board of directors will act as a nominating committee and will vote to nominate anyone who is qualified to act as a member of the board of directors and requests to be added to the candidate list.  Persons who would like to nominate someone for election should encourage that person to contact us asap.  Again, ALL qualified persons will be nominated and added to the candidate list.  Anyone not nominated will be contacted and given an explanation as to why they are not being nominated.

Candidates will be added to the list in the order which the board receives the candidates information.  Candidates are encouraged, but not required, to provide a small headshot style photo (passport photo) to be placed beside their information on the website.


By providing this information you are stating that you understand you are asking to be nominated by the Almond Glen Owners Association, INC board of directors (nominating committee) for the roll of 2017-2017 Board Member.  Nominations will be approved as they are received and then posted to the the Almond Glen Owners Association, INC website and could be posted to Facebook.com, Nextdoor.com, and other internet or social media websites.  Nominees are encouraged, but in no way required to provide all information and a photograph.  All information and photographs will then be posted to the HOA website and may be posted to Facebook, Nextdoor and other social media websites.  By providing your information and photo you are agreeing to allow the Almond Glen Owners Association, INC, it’s board members and agents to post your image and information to the internet and/or send that information by e-mail and/or US Mail.  Candidate information will be posted to the website in as orderly a fashion as possible.  Volunteers will provide the labor and therefore make no guarantees regarding when information will be added or updated.   Nominees should contact the board of directors or AMG if they submit nomination information and do not see their name added to the candidate list (found on www.almondglenhoa.org) within 7 days.  Please email all nomination information to almondglenhoa@gmail.com.

Basic Info:

Address (will not be listed publicly unless you are elected)
Phone number (contact info only, will not be listed publicly)
Email (contact info only, will not be listed)

Please provide a short bio about yourself or message you would like displayed with your name and photo.

Please email answers to almondglenhoa@gmail.com along with a photo.  All answers and the photo are provided voluntarily.  Interested persons are only required to provide Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email in order to be nominated.

Nominations will also be taken on the night of the annual meeting.

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