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I don’t have the time to be a board member… how can I be involved?

Recently we have had people who are new to the neighborhood come to us and ask how they can learn more about where their dues are being spent, how decision are made, what the board does, etc. Most people are interested in what the HOA does, but understandably don’t feel they have the time to commit to a board position or even full time member of a committee. So what advice do we (the board members) have for those who want to be involved but are juggling too much already?

1. HOA decisions are ultimately made by board members.

– You can talk with board members to get your thoughts, ideas and opinions across. All of the board members live in Almond Glen and care about the neighborhood.

– Board meetings are open to all members. We know you can’t make it to every meeting, but the time and place to really influence decisions is at a board meeting when decisions are being made. If you can’t make it to a meeting, send a neighbor with similar views.

2. We have several committees.  In the past we have had several committees:

– Social/Welcome, Pool, Landscaping, Townhomes, Finance, Architectural

– committes are generally given guidelines and a budget to work with and then asked to guide the board. Want to buy pool furniture? Help with the pool committee. Think someone should meet new families and welcome them to the neighborhood? Start up the Social Committee again. Want more input into the repairs and maintenance of the townhomes? Get the Townhome Committee back on track. The committees are a great way to focus on your interests without having to dedicate to a board position. Committees positions are appointed by the board, not elected.

3. Vote at the annual meetings.

– By proxy or in person.. the easiest way to be involved without dedicating too much time is to vote for your board members. If you support someone else’s ideas you should encourage them to run for a board position and then support them with your vote.

Not everyone wants to take on the board member life and we know it. We also know your thoughts and desires are important. The board consists of 5 members who listen to different people throughout the community and bring their individual opinions and experiences together to find answers to problems that don’t always make everyone happy. Committees, active members, even those who speak out against the boards decisions are extremely importaint to helping the board make good decisions.

– Rob Smith

President, Almond Glen Owners Association, INC.

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