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Crime Alert

Sometime between 7:00pm on July 12th and 5:00am on July 13th unknown person(s) entered the unlocked vehicle of a neighbor here in Almond Glen. Nothing was taken, however the suspect(s) opened the console and went through the vehicle looking for items to steal.

If you discovered your vehicle was rummaged through, please notify the Lancaster County Sheriifs Office (803) 283-4136 or your local police department. Statistics gathered from the reports are valuable information used to track crime trends, assist commanders when determining where patrols are needed, and notify patrol officers where to keep an eye out. You MUST file a police report to get the full benefit. DO NOT ALLOW an Officer or Deputy to “get your info and pass it on”. Please ask for a report, even if nothing was taken.

If you don’t mind sharing the info, please let us know here if this happened to you. Also, if you have cameras around your home, please review them. Often the suspect(s) in these crimes go from house to house looking for targets of opportunity. You may have video and not realize it because your vehicle was locked up.

Be sure to lock up your doors, close and lock any sheds, put away loose items, don’t leave valuables in your vehicles, turn on porch lights, and report unusual events or suspicious people and vehicles to law enforcement (right away!!).




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