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2017 Board Nominees


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Eric Barnes is a native of Aiken, South Carolina native who recently returned to the state. He is a licensed attorney as well as a collegiate and professional soccer referee. While living in Pittsburgh, Eric served as the president of the Oak Hill Homeowners Association for five years. In his free time, Eric volunteers at the York County Humane Society and recently brought home their new family member, Dexter.


Cathy Barnes is a native of Monaca, PA (outside of Pittsburgh). She is a former collegiate gymnast and received her MBA from Point Park University. With years of experience in the banking industry, Cathy has experience managing events as well as financials In her free time, Cathy volunteers at the York County Humane Society and recently brought home their new family member, Dexter.


Virginia has served as a member of the board of directors and as the Vice President since 2014. Prior to serving on the board, Virginia served as the Chairman of the Social Committee (2013).
While serving as the Vice President she has worked with various members of the community to bring projects to life. Virginia routinely works with contractors to ensure the best cost to value ratios for the community and meets with committee leads to help bring services to Almond Glen.
As the vice president Virginia often meets with members of the community to discuss issues and bring opinions and needs to the attention of the board. She has headed up projects throughout the community to include organizing social events which have encouraged neighbors to come together as a community.
Virginia has been a resident of Almond Glen since 2011. She spends her free time with her husband Patrick, is a mother, and a successful business owner. She has experience serving on various boards in both her professional and private life.


My family and I moved from Alaska, where I lived for 20 years, a little over two years ago and settled in the wonderful Almond Glen community. Prior to moving to South Carolina, I lived in Anchorage for 18 years and Juneau for two and a half. I attended the University of Alaska Anchorage and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2002. After taking some time off from studying, I decided to I continue my education and received my Master’s degree in Business in 2009.
I have been in the finance and banking industry for over 11 years and have sat on the Board of Directors for a HOA while living in Anchorage. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two small boys, traveling and exploring everything the Carolinas and surrounding states have to offer!


Syd has served as a member of the board of directors and the Treasurer since 2014. Prior to becoming a board member, Syd headed up the finance committee in 2013. As the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Syd was vital in establishing Almond Glen’s first member controlled budget and later interpreted the reserve study into a 25 year plan for future boards to use as a guide. Syd’s professional experience as an accountant has helped him be a leader and mentor to other board members. Every year Syd prepares the final budget and then presents it to the board for review and tweaking.
Syd’s guidance and expertise have helped the board grow it’s reserves from less than $55,000 in 2013 to more than $253,000 today.
Syd and his wife Mary have been residents of Almond Glen since March of 2013. He is most visible throughout the community when he takes his golden retriever on walks.


Frankie Hughes, a native of Charlotte, moved to Almond Glen with her family in December 2016. Her search for a diverse community where children still play outside and the neighbors are your second family made Almond Glen the premium location to raise her 1 year old son with her husband. No stranger to hard work, Frankie earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pfeiffer University while working full time, coaching cheer at a local middle school, and being a wife. The ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and produce quality results have made Frankie successful professionally as well. Frankie has nurtured her reputation as the go-to person to get things done working with a diverse assortment of businesses while employed with one of the largest banks in the world where she continues to utilize her change management, communication, risk analysis, and organizational skills to great success. These skills and her work ethic are some things that she hopes to utilize on the HOA for Almond Glen. If elected to the HOA, Frankie intends to build on the foundation laid by the previous 4 boards by focusing on the following:
• Community engagement
• Enhancing existing communication platforms
• Increased transparency


Rob and his family moved to Almond Glen in 2010. He has served on the board of directors since 2013. Rob has also served as the president of the association since 2013. As a board member Rob has established the Almondglenhoa.com website and 99% of the content available there. Rob headed up negotiations between the HOA and Lennar in 2014 and 2015 when the community pool sank and needed to be rebuilt. Rob also handled a lawsuit levied against the HOA in 2015 which resulted in no finanical loss to the community.
Rob volunteers his time to the community outside of his board duties repairing and replacing damaged items, pressure washing the pool house, etc. In 2014 Rob organized a spring flower planting throughout the neighborhood which saved the association about $2500. Rob has maintained the HOA email account and organized files over the years so they would be more readily available to community members. Over the years he has been invited to speak with other communities boards to establish guidelines and policies.
Rob is a military veteran with 10 years of service to the United States Army. He is a combat veteran of the Iraq War. After leaving the military Rob entered into law enforcement. In addition to his primary employment, Rob teaches drivers ed at at local driving school.
When not at work or doing something within the neighborhood, Rob spends time with his wife and daughter either enjoying their home or traveling together.

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