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FIREWORKS – Are you THAT neighbor? (Editorial)

FIREWORKS – Are you THAT neighbor? (Editorial)

Dancing with sparklers

Fireworks are an inherent part of American celebrations, especially here in South Carolina. It’s not just during Independence Day celebrations either. Birthdays, Weddings, heck… long weekends are all good reasons to head to any of the numerous fireworks shops to load up on small explosive devices.

Not everyone loves fireworks, but most people understand they are allowed by law and here to stay. While tensions may soar a tad during the more active times, like July 1st through 10th, we all know the nightly explosions will pass and things will return to normal soon enough.

Burns are common. Keep an eye on children

Still, it can’t hurt to remind everyone in Almond Glen that everyone appreciates it when their neighbors think and act responsibly when planning fireworks displays. I get calls, texts and emails every year from neighbors who want to know the laws and what, if anything, the HOA can do to stop some of the less courteous neighbors. I remind people fireworks are legal in South Carolina and advise them to seek more information from our local law enforcement officers if they feel things are going too far. The HOA doesn’t have any specific rules banning fireworks, but we do ask you keep your property looking nice and the common areas (or parking lots) looking good too. Some of the complaints we received this year were in reference to homeowners taking their displays to the townhome parking lots where paper and other liter from fireworks covered cars, patios and rooftops.

A nearby neighborhood had to clean this mess up

If you put on a show for friends and family, try to keep the liter contained and your neighbors in mind. Many people have pets that don’t enjoy the festivities like we do. Not everyone gets the weekends off from work or is looking forward to a vacation this week. Think about others as the night wears on. The old joke, “It’s not a party until the cops come” isn’t something we should be striving for. If you do make a mess, please clean it up so others don’t have to.

Nobody is saying you can’t have fireworks or shouldn’t have a good time. Living here in Almond Glen since 2010 I can tell you this is a hot-button topic. I would just ask that you take time to think of others before planning “a glorious threehour finale” that goes until 1am in the parking lot of someone else home.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

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