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Unpaid Dues? Pool Access Canceled.

As of Sunday, May 7th, 2017 there are 62 homes in Almond Glen with unpaid dues of over $20.  Some are as low as $31.56 while others are as high as $1464.16 with foreclosure proceedings underway.

Unpaid Dues Quickly Add Up

The pool is our top shared resource and it’s pool season here in Almond Glen. This year the pool committee worked to open the pool May 6 with a preview night (Pizza and Drinks included) on May 5th.

The budget of this community is based on everyone paying their dues ON TIME and in full.

If you have unpaid dues on the books on Friday, May 12th, 2017 at close of business your pool passes will be deactivated until the payment is processed and one of our unpaid volunteers has time to access the system and reactivate your passes. (Please plan accordingly).

For this reason we would like to remind the members of this community that it is against the rules to use your pool pass to open the gate for someone else.  The neighbor who “forgot their pass” might have actually failed to pay dues and be using you to get around the problem.

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