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Townhome Maintenance Inspection – August 9th, 2016

Wood rot around doors

Today I met with Tim (Maintanence manager for AMG) at 10am. We spent the next 3 hours walking the townhomes, talking with owners, and inspecting for damage, needed repairs, and upkeep issues.

Some of the most common issues relate to small cracks, minor wood rot issues, and easily fixed missing dryer vent screens or damaged siding.

DSCF3001I requested several quotes for the lager repairs and authorized other repairs on┬áthe spot. Tonight I will meet with the board as I am only filling the role of “acting president” until the board selects officers for 2016-2017. Should a new president be selected I am sure the boards priorities will not change.

DSCF3044If you are a townhome owner, look forward to seeing some repairs coming in the next few months. I would like to have the townhomes pressure washed so we can make determinations as to the need for caulk and paint. I would also like to see the shutters of some of the building painted to bring the color back.

DSCF3036If you have maintenance issues on the exterior of a townhome, be sure to check in with us to ensure you are on the list.

~ Rob Smith

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