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What is taking so long??

A recent post on the Almond Glen Friends Facebook page about possible coyote sightings in the area got me thinking about a common problem the board runs into. Speed.

One of the most common questions we get is, “What’s taking so long”. Requests for repairs, ARC requests, suggestions, etc. All of these items have one thing in common, it seems to take FOREVER to get anything done.

So why is it we (the board of directors) can’t complete a request in a more “timely” manner? Why does it sometimes take weeks, or much longer, to do something that everyone seems to think is a good idea?

Let’s examine an example of a simple request. Sometime ago we received a request for a few signs at the entrances of the neighborhood. The request was for signs that would inform solicitors that the general population of the neighborhood is uninterested in random people ringing doorbells at all times of the day. The total cost would be less than $150. (About 50 cents per home). There was enough talk about the issue on social media and in the form of formal requests that it was decided the issue would be added to a board meeting agenda.

When an issue is brought up for discussion, the board members typically first discuss agenda topics via email. The association secretary typically outlines the agenda and then the board president approves the agenda. Meetings can run long, so agendas sometimes need to be cut short and issues get “tabled” or put off until a later date. With so many major issues on the agenda, the signs were pushed back several times.

Once the signs make it to an agenda, a board member introduces the topic to the board. The issue is then discussed by the board. In the case of the signs we might discuss costs, maintenance, materials, wording, benefits, effectiveness, etc. If the issue passes we then start the process of purchasing the signs. If it fails, we move on.

Since the board is made up of volunteers who schedule meetings around their regular work and personal lives, it’s not uncommon for a small issue to take several months to be brought to a conclusion. More pressing issues can sometimes be pushed along more quickly, but its very unusual for an issue to be solved “overnight”.

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