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Storm Drains and The flooding around the townhomes

Reference the recent storm drain clean out.
The work was completed and the lines are now clear. Various buildup was found in the drains which indicates a longterm problem as opposed to a recent issue caused by the landscaping company and the leaf blowing. (Though obviously we do not want a landscaping company blowing leaves into our storm drains on purpose).
Moving forward. The board will have the drains inspected and washed out on a regular basis (about every 4 years). The board has hired a new landscaping company (details will be released soon). The new company was instructed to include leaf cleanup services in their contract with us. We hope the regular maintenance will prevent the flooding we saw last month from happening in the future.
We appreciate the patience while we sorted out the issue and determined a way to prevent the problem from reoccurring.
Robert Smith
Almond Glen Owners Association, Inc
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