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About the Neighborhood Landscaping

image-4Recently I have received numerous questions about the landscaping here in Almond Glen.  Neighbors have reached out to both the board in general and me personally for answers to why the two entrances to the neighborhood look so… bad.  I think the questions are fair and deserve an answer.

After the roadways were completed and the pool project was started we received word from our Landscaping company that the sprinkler system was having some issues.  Water would not flow through many of the sprinkler heads in the area of the pool lawn, the townhome entrance, and the main entrance.  The board (this was before the most recent July 2014 vote) authorized US Lawns to begin repairs on the system.  Former Board member Brigida Desserre even asked US Lawns to “hand water” the new plants at the entrances (spring 2014) in an effort to keep the new plants alive.  As US Lawns worked to fix leaks in the system and restore the flow of water to different zones throughout the neighborhood they notified the board they had discovered several controllers were not getting power.  US Lawns eventually brought in a specialist to work on the system and restore power to the various damaged systems.  Our best estimate is the roadwork, pool construction, and the elements each took their toll on the system.  Its also possible the system was originally installed poorly, a common theme throughout the neighborhood.

I asked for an update on the repairs this week and was told US Lawns is working on the last zone (the main entrance).  I asked for a timeline and was told Friday, October 24th all repairs would be complete.  I am cautiously optimistic the system will be operational by Friday and hope to meet with a representative either Monday or Tuesday of the following week to review the repairs and see the system 100% operational with my own two eyes.

I have heard several rumors regarding the landscaping and I would like to lay those rumors to rest here and now.  The past board of directors and the current board of directors agree that the landscaping, specifically the main entrance, the townhome entrance, and the pool area are important.  While each board member has their own ideas about what “looks good” and is appropriate for our neighborhood, we ALL agree 100% the current condition of the entrances is NOT what we want.  The only issue stopping us from spending hard earned neighborhood dollars on improvements to the entrances has been the lack of water to the flower beds.  We will not waste money on new plants, flowers, grass, or other improvements with the full knowledge those plants will die.  Every board member (past and present) is well aware the sprinkler system is not functional and has been a part of the discussion regarding how to improve the look of the neighborhood.  We are no more satisfied with the look of the entrances than anyone else.  We have the ability to authorize funds for the repairs needed, but not the individual skills needed to actually repair the sprinkler system.

I ask that you pass this information on to your friends and neighbors who do not read these updates.


Rob Smith
Almond Glen Owners Association, INC.
Board Member

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