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Finances, Meeting Minutes and More….

Finances, Meeting Minutes and More….

Did you know many of the HOA finance documents and other board information is available right here on Almondglenhoa.org??

Many HOAs work with management companies who handle emails, websites, documents, etc. Historically the Almond Glen Owner’s Association board of directors have made this information available right here.

In 2013 the neighborhood officially took over control of the HOA from the developer. The first Annual Meeting was held at the Belle Johnston Community Center in Pineville. Neighbors gathered and voted for 5 board members who then met to decide who would take on the associations officer positions. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected and since then the board meets every July to pass on the mantle to newly elected board members (and some returning members).

One of the decisions made by the inaugural board was to create a “board run website”. The plan was to preserve community information, news, events, and documents. It was also decided the website would not require a password or user name so as to be more accessible. There is a lot of information here… but nothing you can’t find online with a few searches or obtain by calling the management company. The original board members talked about the things they disliked about other HOAs where they had lived. One of the main complaints was the very limited access to documents. To demonstrate this, the first board president drove to the management company in service to the HOA at the time and asked to meet with the community manager and get a look at the general ledger. He was told the manager was out of the office, nobody was available to assist him and he would need an appointment and a list of what he wanted to see before he could have access to the documents. Once he explained he was the president of the board, someone was available to help and the documents could all be emailed to him.

Obviously the board was not pleased and this website was created. HOA documents are uploaded from time to time so members can review them as they please. This is not a required… it’s just something the boards have always done because its the access they would want.

Though you can find the info here on the website, here are some helpful links to get you started.




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