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Check yourself… please

The Architectural Committee is the group responsible for reviewing and interpreting the Declaration or CCRs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions).  Since gaining control of the HOA and then establishing the Architectural Committee, the board of directors have been trying to sift through the backlog of fence requests, deck additions, paint changes, etc.  We have been working as a group to interpret the CCRs and make decisions, which will become policy when denying or approving a neighbors architectural request.

We have managed to address most of the old requests though there may be a few that are lost in the records of the original developer.  We have managed to establish some basic protocols for dealing with requests and getting unusual requests reviewed and approved or denied.  We have even managed to compile a list of pre-approved sheds, which we hope will speed the process when a neighbor decides to add a storage building to their property.

We are now starting to see the more difficult side of things moving into our field of view.  We are being forced to acknowledge the elephant in the room.  As an HOA we have rules for our neighborhood, which we must enforce.  As homeowners and members of the HOA we have a responsibility to adhere to the rules.  When a homeowner violates a rule, unintentionally or with complete disregard, that homeowner is forcing the HOA (and your neighbors) to take a stance against them.

As board members we have a duty, one which we can be held liable, to enforce the Bylaws and CCRs evenly and without bias.  Allowing someone to skate by on a violation because they are a friend, or because it will be controversial is not an option.  As a board member I have to maintain my property as well as I can and I must try to follow the rules as closely as possible.  As members you should do the same so that you do not put me or the other board members in the position of having to enforce fines or place liens on your home.

Trash cans in view of the public
Trash cans in view of the public.  If you don’t like a rule or decision made by the Architectural Committee or the Board, there is a process for that.  Talk with board members, committee members, or your block captains.  Read your bylaws and CCRs for information on how to get a rule changed.  Holding your tongue does not fix the problem.  Get involved and get your opinion heard.
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