Home FAQBoard Members, Members, HOA President, HOA Officers… who is in charge around here?
Board Members, Members, HOA President, HOA Officers… who is in charge around here?

Board Members, Members, HOA President, HOA Officers… who is in charge around here?

When I introduce myself to a new neighbor and decide to represent the Almond Glen Owners Association, Inc… I often mention I am a member of the board of directors. Sometimes I even add that I am the president of the HOA. I am of course aware that people attach importance to titles and even gain satisfaction from having their issues heard by someone they feel can “do something”. With this article I would like to educate you about the different positions within the HOA.

First and foremost we have the individual member. Often thought of as a minor figure in the HOA there is no person more capable of changing the outcome of a vote, swinging the membership in a new direction, or gaining support for a cause than a motivated member. Members are the people who join the committees. Members talk with their neighbors and begin discussions about changes they want in the neighborhood. Members volunteer for board positions and then officer positions. Members are the “meat and potatoes” of the HOA.

(UPDATE: AG HOA NO LONGER USES BLOCK CAPTAINS) Next we have Block Captains. The Block Captains are volunteers from the neighborhood who are willing to go door to door to get information from the membership or to the membership. The BCs talk with members and should become lightning rods for hot topics which the board might otherwise not recognize. Block Captains are often members who would like to get involved with the HOA, but haven’t decided to dedicate as much of their time to the organization yet. Many BCs will go on to get involved in committees or the board of directors.

Committee members are members who decide to get involved in specific areas of the HOA which interest them. Someone who enjoys the social aspects of the HOA might choose to become a member of the Social & Amenities Committee. Someone who wants to help guide the HOAs spending can get involved through the Finance Committee. The committees are a way to dedicate time and energy to more specific areas of HOA business. Committee Chairpersons are the committee members asked by the board to lead the individual committees. These members guide the committees and ensure they stay of task and on time. A Committee Chair reports directly to the board or a specific board member.

The Board of Directors work together to represent the best interests of the membership. Board members meet to discuss topics of importance to the membership, decide how and when to spend membership dues, find ways to protect property values, and work to enhance the sense of community.

The officers of the HOA are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers carry out the day to day tasks of the association. The officer positions are generally held by board members but in the case of the treasurer or secretary, a non-board member can be called upon to serve as an officer.

Its important to remember that ANYONE and EVERYONE you talk to from the HOA membership can be the most important person. The board members make decisions based upon the needs and wishes of the membership. Outspoken members can voice the opinions of more timid members, causing the membership to demand the board listen. Board members act with the guidance of the committees, and then use the reports brought to them by committees to explain decisions to the membership.

Ultimately, It’s all about participation.

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