Please review all of the following information and direct questions to either the board (almondglenhoa@gmail.com) or contact Dacy Cavicchia (704-897-8788 or DCavicchia@amgworld.com)

OPENING DATE: May 7, 2016
CLOSING DATE: September 11, 2016.

Members will have access to the pool from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily, seven days a week unless otherwise changed by the Board of Directors. Hours changes will be sent by email blast, e-newsletter (sign up on this site), and posted to this site.

Life Guards: There will be NO Life Guards on duty at any time this season. You will be responsible for your own safety and the safety of your children. This means there will not be a 10 minute break every hour. The pool will remain open unless there is an emergency, pool contamination, chemical problem, shut down (state inspection), or weather related shutdown. Please use common sense when dealing with weather. If you hear thunder, exit the pool.

Maintenance and chemical checks:The pool management company (Aqua Tech) will continue to maintain the pool. The pool management company will supply us an attendant daily to clean the bathrooms, monitor guest sign in and maintain and close the pool deck. The attendant will be present at various hours and for no more than four hours daily.

Camera System: A camera system has been installed. One camera is designated to monitor the entrance to the pool and will record everyone who enters. The other cameras will monitor the entire pool deck. These safety features were installed this winter and are currently operational. The video is maintained for short periods of time and can be reviewed by a board member or their representative if needed. The video will remain the property of the association and will not be released to outside parties unless it is in co-operation with law enforcement, etc. The camera system is fixed and can not zoom or pan.

Accessing Pool: The pool can only be accessed with a new key fob system. A secure gate has been installed and will only allow access and exiting to members with an active key fob. The HOA management company (AMG) has the ability to deactivate key fobs for members who are in violation of HOA Rules, delinquent on HOA dues, in violation of pool rules, etc. Pool Rules will be posted at the pool. It is a direct violation of the terms of use and pool rules to allow another member to use your key fob. Fobs are assigned to a household and the member the fob is assigned to is responsible for all guests. Members must accompany guests to the pool.

  • One key fob per household will be issued at no additional cost. Volunteers will attempt to deliver key fobs to homes in the coming week.
  • Additional key fobs can be purchased prior to May 23, 2016 for $15.00 each. Please email Almondglenhoa@gmail.com if you would like to purchase additional key fobs.
  • Additional key fobs purchased on or after May 24, 2016 will cost $25.00 each.
  • Lost key fobs will be deactivated by the management company and replacement key fobs can be purchased for $25.00. Please report lost key fobs promptly so we may deactivate them.
  • NEW HOMEOWNERS – Key fobs purchased by the previous owner can be activated by contacting the HOA management company or emailing the board of directors. (If the fobs are still operational and the system is still compatible with the fob) One key fob will be activated free of charge. Additional previously owned key fobs may be activated at a cost of $15.00 per fob. Key fobs may not be transferred from one household to another. 
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