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TOWNHOMES Pressure Washing 07/26/2022-07/28/2022

TOWNHOMES Pressure Washing 07/26/2022-07/28/2022

Almond Glen TOA (1)

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ALMOND GLEN TOA & Pressure Wash Carolina

Mon July 25 – Saturday July 30

Pressure Wash Carolina, a local Veteran/Woman/Family owned business since 2009, is
honored to be serving our Almond Glen TownHome Community this week for pressure washing

& gutter cleaning.

On Monday July 25 they will wash the pool & club house and pergola. Beginning on Tuesday
July 25 – Saturday July 30, they will wash our TOWNHOMES, attached FENCES and do a full
Gutter Washout & Leaf Removal to clean out the inside of the GUTTER CHANNELS.
PREPARATION STEPS for the PRESSURE WASHING: It’s important that we are prepared
for their arrival and do all of the following steps below so that our personal property is
protected and we are ready for the service without any interruption.
By Monday July 25, please make sure to have ALL WINDOWS & DOORS SHUT &
DEADBOLTED to create a tight seal. Lay towel down inside if concerned about leaking.
KEEP them locked until the entire project is complete.
BRING IN ALL ITEMS from front porches, steps, doors & back patios that could be affected by
the hoses, ladders, pressure washing guns & cleaning solutions (pets, plants, cushions, door
wreaths, umbrellas, bikes, any delicate items) Furniture can be out but CANNOT be LEANED
against the Building or Fencing as they are being washed & ALL FENCES MUST BE OPEN.
Schedule of the project is as follows:
7/26 Buildings 1, 2, 3 Birkhill Ln & Dunrobin Place 7/27 Buildings 4, 5, 6 Caprington Drive
7/28 Buildings 7, 8, 9 Broughton Lane 7/29 Fri Buildings 10, 11, 12, 13 Lanark Lane

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