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New committee leaders needed

New committee leaders needed

The Almond Glen board of directors would like to invite you to serve as a leader within our community. Interested neighbors are asked to email the board at almondglenhoa@gmail.com.

We are currently seeking individuals who would enjoy serving in the following positions:

Landscaping Committee Chairperson – The landscape committee is responsible for all of the common areas throughout the community to include the landscaping for the townhomes. This committee coordinates with the landscaping company to ensure projects are completed to the satisfaction of the membership. The committee may recommend vendors, create project ideas, pull bids on behalf of the BOD, create budget requests, etc. The yearly budget for landscaping is set by the BOD but the landscaping committee recommends the budget based on their plans for the year. The committee is then asked to manage their budget.

Architectural Committee Chairperson – The role of the “ARC Committee” is to review requests for architectural improvements to homes and monitor for violations. How this will be accomplished in the future is up to the committee. This role calls for someone with solid leadership skills, confidence and the ability to be firm but fair.

Pool Committee Chairperson – The pool is our number one common item in the community. Not only does its operation have a strong impact on our neighbors moods throughout the summer,  it is a large part of the reason many people bought their homes here. This position calls for someone who can interact with the pool management company, suggest projects, coordinate repairs and upgrades, suggest a budget and then operate within that budget, manage resources such as the pool fob system and work with members to develop an operational schedule which is fair to those who want to use the pool and those who live next to the pool.

(NEW) Welcoming Committee Chairperson – The board of directors would like to see the formation of a “welcoming committee” made up of members of the community who would like to help new neighbors learn about their new home. This group would be asked to put together “welcome baskets” with information, coupons, etc. Members of this group would need to spend some time learning about the operational aspects of the HOA so they can explain the bylaws, CC&Rs, rules and regs, website and payment info as well as answer questions new owners might have about the community and the surrounding area. This is a new idea and would require guidance from the committee regarding the creation of a budget for the group.

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