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New committee lead needed for the Pool

I’m sorry to annouce Jeannine Bell is stepping down as the head of our Pool Committee and we are in need of someone who would like to have an impact on how the Pool is run. If you are interested, please email the board at almondglenhoa@gmail.com.

The board did away with traditional committees several years ago in favor of a less demanding system. Under the current plan, each committee has a Chairperson who manages there respective budget and planning (Landscape, Social, Architectural, Pool).
The new Chairperson will have the freedom to seek out as much or as little help from their neighbors and the board as they choose.

The 2017 season is partially planned. The hours and cost of the pool contract has been finalized and a small portion of the facilities budget has been dedicated to the upgrading the bathroom locks. This would be a good time to step into this role and get accustomed to the way things work without having to do everything your first year.

Please contact the board asap so we can get you started!

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