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Neighborhood inspections

Letters and fines will be going out this week for the following violations:

Box trucks, trailers, boats, Sea-Doos or wave runners (etc). Unpaid fines may result in a suspension of  pool privileges until the fines are paid. 

Late fees also apply to the fines.

In the coming weeks there will be a neighborhood inspection. Please arrange to have your home pressure washed if needed. 

This year there will be a stronger focus on yard and exterior home maintenance. Torn screens, un-edged driveways, clutter and other items left around the home, trash cans in front of the garage doors, unmowed lawn‘s, empty flowerbeds, damage or poorly maintained fences, etc. will result in inspection notices. Inspection notices will be followed up with fines and ultimately the homeowners association will take legal action to enforce the CC&Rs and bylaws as needed.

Please take corrective action immediately.

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