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A neighbor in need

Not long ago we here in Almond Glen mourned the loss of our longtime friend and neighbor, Sue¬†Corsentino. Sue was take from us after a long battle with cancer. Many times we say a friend “lost their battle with cancer”, but in Sue’s case it was a long series of wins as she was told many many times she had “a month” or “weeks” to live. Sue won a battle against cancer by fighting back and living well beyond the timeframe her cancer tried to set for her.

Now, her longtime companion and another friend here in Almond Glen is in need.

Jeannine Bell of Southern Belle Reality (here in Almond Glen) reached out to neighbors through Facebook today to report the following:

“One of our own needs help.

Vinny Corsentino had heart surgery last week. He lives in the town homes with the blue light as you enter the neighborhood

He lives by himself and is requesting help from us. If you have some extra time on your hands, Vinny could use some company as he heals. He’s not bed ridden. He’s capable of sitting on the back porch with you. He just needs some company.”

Vinny’s phone number was posted in the Facebook message, however we are not sharing it here as this is a much more public forum.

If you can spare a few moments of your day, please reach out to us via Facebook (AG friends), Nextdoor.com, or an email to almondglenhoa@gmail.com

We can share Vinny’s contact information with you.

There is a lot of sadness in the world and we often ask, “But what can I do?”.

This, this is what you can do.

  • Rob Smith – AG board
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