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2015 Pool Season Info

April 15, 2015 – Spring is here and the weather is slowly getting warmer and warmer. I have no doubt many of you are looking at the brand new pool and thinking about a summer of swimming, cookouts, and enjoying the company of your neighbors. I am pleased to report back to the neighborhood that things are progressing towards an opening date of May 16th. The pool will open the weekend of the 16th for Saturday and Sunday, then close for the week and open full time starting Memorial Day Weekend. I look forward to seeing many of you poolside this year and hope those of you who I have not met in person will say hello.

POOL HOURS for the 2015 Season:

May 16th – 10am-8pm
May 17th – 10am-8pm
May 18th – May 22nd – CLOSED

Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day Weekend

Monday – Saturday – 10am-8pm
Sunday – 10am – 8pm


In the past we haven’t opened the pool until 4pm on the weekdays when school was still in session. This year, at the request of members of the community, we are working with Aquatech to open the pool full time starting Memorial Day Weekend.

Those interested in swim lessons can visit Aquatech’s website for info:

The 2014-2015 board of directors have only about 3 ½ months until the July annual meeting and board member elections. Our bylaws state the board will form a nominating committee before the elections to formally nominate members of the association to run for the board of directors. In 2014 I called for the board of directors to serve as the nominating committee, announcing the nominating committee would vote to nominate anyone who requested an opportunity to run. That will again be the case in 2015. I would encourage anyone who wants to run for a board position to begin discussing your intentions with your family and friends now. As in the past I will make this website available to those who would like to announce their candidacy. We will begin announcing nominations in the near future. More information will be sent out via US Mail, email, facebook, nextdoor and this website.

I want to personally thank everyone who trusted and supported the board as we worked through the pool project of 2013-2015. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours, the number of meetings, the phone calls, and the sleepless nights that went into this project. Amidst all of the efforts we were putting into the project there were those who chose to attack us, called for mistrust, blamed us, and even threatened us with legal action. It was at times a true battle on several fronts. I was extremely grateful for the support, kind words, emails, and pep talks I received from many of you. The negotiations with Lennar were often delicate and required more secrecy than I prefer (as anyone who knows me well can attest I like to tell people exactly what’s happening in excruciating detail) and nearly caused me to walk away from the association multiple times. I can truly say I would not have been able to complete the project without the support of my wife, daughter, friends, and grateful neighbors.

May 16th, 2015 at 10:00am will be a moment of great triumph for the members of 2 boards of directors and me personally. It will be, I hope, the end of a very long and trying time here in Almond Glen.

I can promise you I am praying for a very warm summer filled with light rain at night and sunny blue skies during the day.

Rob Smith
Almond Glen Owners Association, INC
Member, Board of Directors
2013 – 2015 President

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